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Joseph Poirier Healer

Hello, my name is Joseph and I would like to share a bit of my background with you.

I have always been a man of nature and spent a lot of my life in the bush.  I've learned so much about plants, trees and roots from my Grandmother, Mother and my First Nation friends.  I was always curious and quick to learn the natural power of Mother Earth.

My Shaman friend Denis told me that I had a lot of power but I did not know what he meant.  I saw the power he had and I believed in him.  When Denis passed away, his spirit visited me in Foam Lake, SK, at my home I built on the land he encouraged me to buy when he was alive.  Denis said "I've always told you that you had power; now I give you my power and a gift on top of that".  I accepted his gift and the conditions that came with it.

I believe in God the Creator and in nature.  I'm an energy healer and when I started healing, people could feel the change immediately and told me that my healing gift is incredible!     I can heal almost everything ~ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pain.

I am able to communicate with spirits as well as cleanse negative energies from people, houses and property.  I also detect and fix geopathic stress (ley lines on Mother Earth) that causes inflammation in the body and increases the risk for cancer, migraine, depression, etc.  I can help you change your environment by adding positive loving healing energy.

* If you need help, please contact me at (306) 716-5584. 

I serve you with the healing power from God, the Creator, and the love from my heart!

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